set document color?

hello. I’d like to set the background color of documents; this is called ‘document color’ and should be settable in the type panel (Text/Fonts/Show Fonts, or cmd-T), fourth top button from the left. THis doesn’t seem to work here. Is there a way that I miss? Thanks a lot.

ok so now I accidentally found out at least one half of the answer, being the default document color can be defined in the preferences. However, I still don’t know how to set it for individual documents. Thanks again

I do not believe there is a way to do that. Page colour is, as you no doubt know already, set in preferences. This is a setting for how the application looks, not how documents are actually coloured. Are you just looking for a way to tag documents by type, like colour-coded page heads? Maybe pin/label colour would work best for that?

Hello AmberV. I was looking for both onscreen and print coloring. Onscreen is doable, as we both know. For print, it seems It seems there is no way indeed. Well. Thanks anyway.