Set Font Size in "Text Editing" in Prefs

G5 iMac 20" w/Tiger

If I try to set the font size by typing it in (because I want a size not on the list, such as Lucida Grande 16), it often doesn’t update correctly in the dialogue box.

Hi Edly,

Are you setting the global editing font in Scrivener’s preferences? Or setting a custom font inline to a document?

Either way, Scrivener just uses the standard OSX font dialogue. I will say, however, that I’ve noticed your exact issue in the past with the font dialogue - not within Scrivener (where I rarely change the font), but in various places.

It’s an Apple bug, in other words - Scrivener (like a lot of Apple shareware) relies on a lot of Apple technologies, so the bugs often carry across.

I often find if I close the dialogue, open it again, and then type, my font size changes correctly. Sometimes, also, the dialogue has lost focus from the place where it was invoked - so it’s changing essentially nothing’s font size, rather than the text you selected before invoking the dialogue.