Set font to a specific value

Thanks a lot for the last few updates! They’ve really improved the program. However, one long-standing niggle I’ve had is that you can’t set the font to a spesific number. For consistency, I write all my projects in 22 point with 26 point headings. This is something I have to set with templates, as Scrivener supports both but has options for neither. I don’t know if the fonts you can chose are industry standards, but I would find it personally helpful to be able to just set the font size to a specific number. Thank you a lot of you can do this!

Hello PJBlackmoore. Scrivener does offer the option of changing the font size for all new documents. You can either change that on the project level or globally for all Scrivener projects going forward.

I’m not sure if you’re using a Mac or a PC, nor do I know which version of Scrivener you’re using. I’ll provide instructions for both platforms.

To change Scrivener 3’s project-level settings on a Mac, you can go to Project > Project Settings > Formatting to change the font size. If you tick the box marked “Use different formatting for new documents in this project”, you can then click the Aa button in the lower part of the pane and change the font and its size.

On a PC using Scrivener 3, the project settings can be changed via the same path. The only difference is that the PC will actually show the name of the font and the font size rather than hiding them behind the Aa button.

To change the settings globally for all Scrivener 3 projects on a Mac, please go to Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Formatting. In that panel, you can again click the Aa button and change the font size. This will now be applied to every new project going forward.

For a PC using Scrivener 3, please go to File > Options > Editing > Formatting to change the font size.

And for a PC using Scrivener 1, the path is Tools > Options > Editor and then clicking the blue A button to change the font size globally.

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Thank you for your help, though what I was hoping for was that I would be able to set the exact font size of selected text the way you can in libre office or word. Sometimes it’s very helpful to be able to make one section slightly bigger or smaller than the others to convey things like newspaper headlines etc.

But you can. When you click on the “Aa” it opens the Apple Font Dialog. Rather than choosing one of the sizes in the list, double click in the box at the top and type the size you want.

This is MacOS stuff, not Scrivener stuff … it works in all apps that work with the Apple Font Dialog.



It is the same for Windows as well, and although the panel looks a little different, the layout is similar. You can use the shortcut for Format ▸ Font ▸ Show Fonts... to bring up that panel in almost every context where formatting can be set, and it is above the “easy mode” selection list where one can type in a precise point value if it is not in the list.

If you are doing this for readability while writing (and not because you mean to compile as-is to that large size), you might be better off cranking up the zoom factor on the Editor panes rather than altering the font sizes. I leave my Editor panes set to 175% and this gives me sumptuous readability without touching the font size.

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One can go either way on that, I suppose. I’ve never once touched the zoom setting in Scrivener, because I always pick fonts to look the way I want them. If I’m comfortable with 22pt, might as well use 22pt. Just seems simpler to me, and doesn’t interfere with image clarity.

Specifically to Windows, the default zoom setting is also a little buggy and incomplete still—and there is no direct way to zoom areas outside of the main editor, meaning font size choices are more important for inspector/scratch pad/quick ref settings.


I missed the fact that the OP is on Windows!



Thank you, but going into menus to set default values seems like a really odd way of doing it when most modern programs let you type in a font point number without opening a window.

I would zoom, but the problem is that the fonts all being like that are a hold-over from when I edited in word so all of my projects are like this and it would be difficult and annoying to change to zooming. 22 was the best font for reading on my laptop at the time. I have hundreds of files like this and it is basically my standard. Sorry. I can’t change it. And if I did, it would only be to another arbitrary value that I might have to change later.

Funny, most of the modern software I use takes configuration files you edit in a coding editor, to change settings. Guess it kind of depends on a lot of different factors, but I think here in this case, Scrivener isn’t the sort of tool where the font size is being changed often (and it sounds like you are in alignment with that, having used this font size for years), so spending time coding stuff for efficiency in this area is of extremely low priority.

I understand it’s a fairly unlikely thing to change in this, but I find it odd that most of the text programs you use don’t let you just type in a font size number like word. As far as I’ve seen, every document program except Scrivener lets you set a font. It’s certainly not a deal-breaker, but it would help to at least have a couple more default stops in terms of font size. Some of the jumps are pretty big.

Well, most of the programs I use don’t even have formatting or fonts, which might explain things a bit. :slight_smile: I was more pointing out that “modern” is a bit of a nebulous and relative term (where some might even refer to Word-like programs as old fashioned in general). In a program like Word, where formatting is a major part of the design, it makes sense to have a lot of access points to stuff like that. With Scrivener we’re actively trying to avoid format-intensive writing habits, so less emphasis is put into that kind of stuff.

But whatever the case, at least you have a way of setting the preferred font size for your defaults. If you’re like me, you may just get rid of the font settings in your format bar eventually, once you get your styles set up the way you want and all.

Ah okay. Though I’m not sure what programs you might be using, unless you’re talking about notepad or a compiler of some sort. Honestly, I would have thought you would use Scrivener plus word or libre office etc if it’s writing. But I guess I’ll just have to put up.

BTW, any chance of fixing that bug where making a table sends you to the beginning of the document?