set include-in-compile flag default to blank

i am importing a large word file “imported and split” into hundreds of scrivener documents. the documents are now in a three level outline. it would be greatly convenient to start with all the documents flagged blank in the include-in-compile field. or to be able to change this flag to blank for the entire project. so far i have not found a way to do this en masse. any ideas? thank you.

Go to File->Compile->Contents. Alt-click on any of the check-boxes under the “Include” header until they all go blank.

You can also do this by loading a container in the outliner and enabling View > Outliner Columns > Include in Compile. Alt-clicking a checkbox will set it for all the displayed items.

thank you jennifer and robert. the alt key is THE key. using this and the outlining feature and compile selections i will be able to do what i had hoped to do. AND more. opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, or… i dont get out often enough. there seem to be so many mysteries here that are yet to be revealed. thanks again for your help.