Set Selected Text As Synopsis

Incredible program!

When writing an outline I very often use the “Set Selected Text As Title” option. It would be extremely useful if there were a similar “Set Selected Text As Synopsis” option.

There might also be an option which created a new card with “Untitled” as the Title and the Selected Text as the Synopsis.

I can’t tell you how much time this would save me in my work flow.

Thank you for your time and consideration. – Don

Mac Scrivener? If you haven’t already, try this:

  1. Select the text you’d like to have as your synopsis.
  2. Select Documents > Auto Generate Synopsis.

It’s been working great for me, even with non-contiguous text selection.

Thank you for your reply. “Auto-Generate Synopsis” creates a synopsis for the document you are currently working on.

What I am looking for is to create a New Text document with the selection as the Synopsis rather than the Title. Do you see the difference? Or am I missing something still? Perhaps I’m still not clear.


No, you’re clear to me now. I apologize for my confusion. No, I don’t know of any shortcut for that. :frowning: