Set Selection as Title in Full Screen Mode

Just a niggle.

Any reason the menu and contextual menu for Set Selection as Title are disabled in Full Screen Mode?


See this thread for details on that one.

Thanks Amberv - I had done a search but it didn’t turn up. BTW I disagree with Keith on this one, but since it’s hardly a huge deal…


What’s to disagree? Can you see the title of your document in full screen? Answer: no. Full screen is for editing text. For binder manipulation, use the normal mode - that is where you can change document titles. Full screen mode already allows waaaaay more access to the menu commands than full screen modes in most compatible applications.

Answer: yes, actually.

It’s mainly a personal usage issue. When it comes to notes, I always begin with the title as the first line of the note: a habit I got into with DT - where it makes for consistency with drag-created notes and is useful when merging and linking notes.
In Scrivener it’s less necessary, but I’m trying to build a workflow between them and consistency is good.

Like I said, just a niggle. I’ll survive.