Set settings and colors for different projects

I know how to save preferences, and change colors, but even with a new template created it uses the same preferences across totally different projects and is messing my projects up. How do I set settings to be project specific without having to constantly mess with or load the settings? This is very annoying as a student with numerous projects going that need varying settings and colors. :imp:

Colour setting in the Appearance options (like all the settings in Options) are global. There’s not a way to set one project’s binder to purple and another project’s binder to green, if that is what you are after. Some settings are project specific, like how and where label colours are shown in the interface; these you’ll access via the menu, e.g. View > Use Label Color In, and will be saved with the project. The project-specific settings are also saved when using File > Save As Template, so you could create a project with your labels, keywords, etc. set up how you want them and save that as a template for other projects of a similar nature.

Is there any plan for the future to make project-specific colors available?

To be exactly specific, I am saying I want to change the colors of my projects, the background colors.

Being able to set project specific colors and certain settings really needs to be future option for many reasons. My blog organizing project and my school project and my novel project all look exactly the same. My professional (work projects) look exactly like my personal (creative writing) projects. Lack of that as an option removes the unique customization and usability of Scrivener. I have also found that it interferes with my projects when they are multiple vs single files (for example “school” has many main folders, one for each class, but my novel is a single document with many sub-sections. They should not look exactly the same, yet they do. And it is tedious and doesn’t work very well to have to change the color and settings each time I want to work on different project or have multiple projects open at a single time I also have visual disabilities and cannot easily discern if my Blog project and my school project look almost identical except the files. I really want to purchase scrivener because it is almost exactly perfect, yet this lack of feature makes this program inaccessible for my disabilities and is making me have second thoughts. I just don’t understand why this is a problem to design scrivener to do this. it seems many people have wanted it or need this due to disabilities, yet Scrivener developers are resisting.