Set start tag for Kindle

Hi! I can’t figure out how to tell Kindle that the reader should first open the book to a page after all the front matter. There’s a thread in the Mac forum that mentions a start tag option, but I can’t find it. Is there one in the Windows version? Where do I locate it?

Thanks for your help!

There’s no option in the Windows version at the moment to set a start tag, but my understanding is that Kindle doesn’t support that tag anyway, the way many EPUB readers do. There were a lot of threads in the KDP forums on the issue last time I looked, although it’s possible the feature has since been added.

I would have thought that Kindle devices themselves support some kind of start tag, since when I purchase a book and open it on my Kindle it skips all the front matter and starts me at the first page of the story - be that prologue, chapter one, whichever. It’s clearly something that exists and which Kindles recognise.

This is a real problem for Kindle devices, and there seem to be bugs in how the different devices handle this. I noticed that the most recent Kindle reader for Android eliminated the “Go to Start” option, but it’s still a problem for the first time someone starts reading a book.

I spent hours on this problem, and never solved it satisfactorily.

But one important thing to know is that the start location used for you final book may be different from the one you see in the Kindle previewer, or from the mobi file that you create for testing.