Setting a default Style for text (NOT changing the font)

Hi guys,

it feels like this should be a really obvious and easy thing, but I am somehow not finding it.

When I create a new text object, I would like the style of the text to default to something other than ‘no style’. For example, I have created two styles, a ‘first line style’ for the first line of a section (indented) and a ‘normal’ style for everything else. The first line style defaults to normal style for the following paragraph, which all works well.

However when I create each new text object, it will default to no style and I have to manually select the style each time. Not a huge issue, but across dozens and dozens of pieces of text you start looking for shortcuts - and given the thousands of great options Scrivener has for customisation it feels like this should be in here somewhere. I know I can set the default look of ‘no style’ but that doesn’t solve my problem unless I stop having the first para indented.

Am I missing something with styles?

I would say, yes, mainly in that you’re making more work for yourself than you really need to. This whole two-style approach to paragraph formatting is something you have to trouble yourself with in a word processor, but with Scrivener the compiler can handle indenting for you automatically.

Try this:

  1. Create a new blank project as a test.
  2. Paste in three or four paragraphs without any styles added to them.
  3. Use File ▸ Compile... and select the “Manuscript (Times)” format in the left sidebar, change the file type at the top of the window to PDF for easy proofing, click Assign Section Layouts and use “Section Text” for the stock “Section” type.

Compile that, and check it out in a PDF viewer. See how the first paragraph isn’t indented but the rest are?

Scrivener is all about writing, not festering over formatting while you write. Just get the words out, and let the software handle detailing for you. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see.

That makes sense - and it’s a good solution - but seems to be slightly inconsistent with the styles setup within Scrivener. Not that I’m worried, you’re right I can skip that first para style and just make the default ‘no style’ look how I want for reading. And leave the styling to the compiling (catchy!)

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I like @AmberV 's solution better, but you can create a document template containing two paragraphs, the first with no indent and the second with an indent.

It could look like this:

Then you can create new documents this way:

You can also make it the default like so:

That may work better if you apply it to a chapter folder in the Template Sheets folder (yours may have a different name). Then, when you create the chapter, hitting enter will create a scene from the “no indent” template.

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