Setting a Flag

What I find myself wanting to do while working in Scrivener is to put a Post It note on a page - i.e. to set a Flag that I can easily find and come back to. There are many reasons for this, but generally it is for something that I haven’t worked out yet or don’t have at hand or that depends on something else in the text that I’ll get to later.
The point is - I really need to stick little flags in the text that I can see from the outside.I’ve tried using various methods of doing this but none of them really have visibility in the text.
If you use Excel you’ll know about adding Notes to cells. Many programs have similar functionality.
It would be the ability to Add Note, i.e. insert a post-it note anywhere in the text, and then to Show Notes, i.e. to see a list of such notes and to jump to any of them.
That would be perfect!

There will be something pretty close to this in version 2. I think it will do exactly what you require, even though it isn’t like putting sticky notes on paper or anything with a heavy metaphor like that.