setting between two computers

When working on two macs using dropbox, does scrivener 3 save the application settings such as presets and other settings I’ve customized?

I work mainly on my imac but need also to be able to work on my laptop. I would like to have the layout, settings, and preferences I’ve set up on one computer transferred to the other. If there are certain settings that I’d need to manual add can you tell me what they are.

Thank you so much. I LOVE the new version of scrivener.

What you set in the editor, and what you set under the PROJECT menu are saved in your project. Also, if you have compile settings for your project that aren’t globally available, that will sync too.

Everything else is recorded for each user account on each computer.

You can, with a bit of command line work (setting up symbolic links, specifically) keep other settings in sync. I’ve not done it myself, but maybe someone can guide you through the setup. The key is to locate your settings, which this article covers, under the OPTIONAL header: … -computers