Setting default auto formating for Import

hi, is there a way to set default formating options for all text imported/pasted via clipboard?

No, but you do have the option of Paste and Match Style, which will paste text using whatever style is at the current cursor placement. It’s in the Edit menu, or press cmd-alt-shift-v.

To do this for a (whole) document after-the-fact there is also Docmuents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.


The next update will have such a feature for plain text import, but not for rich text import. Changing the formatting on import could potentially mess up the import, especially if it has, say, block quotes and other formatting which would all get flattened. It’s much better to do this document-by-document, although, as gr says, you can use Documents > Convert to convert the formatting of several documents. (The next update adds a preference for this feature so that you can choose, say, only to override the font etc.)

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