Setting default file locations

It seems that by default Scrivener populates a set of system folders in
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener

I am using my C:\ drive only for holding my OS, and all program installs and user folders are on another drive. Is it possible for me to relocate this folder to another drive in a way that Scrivener will recognize it? If I have to reinstall it, is there a way to ensure it can be pointed at my other drive and not default to C:\ ?

Thank you!

Hello Rad,
You get the opportunity to install it where you want when the program installs. See this from the Manual;

The installer will start, and you should see the Scrivener icon and Literature & Latte
logo. Click Next to continue and read the licence agreement. You will need to check “I
accept the agreement” before the installer will let you proceed.
The next screen will ask where you wish to install Scrivener. At this point, the installer
will verify if you have administrative rights on your computer. If you do, the default
install location will be where all of your other program install, in the Program Files
folder1. If you do not have administrative rights, you can still install Scrivener, and an
alternate location where you have write permissions will be selected. By default this will
be your Documents and Settings folder.
In all cases it is okay to change the defaults, though do read the special note about
installing Scrivener directly on a portable USB flash drive, below. Once you are satisfied
with the install location, click Next twice to confirm.

Good luck.

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t quite true. You can specify where to install the program, which I did (a folder on my D:\ drive). But the install routine does not give you any options for all of the stuff it is putting in the C:\Users directory (I just uninstalled and reinstalled to confirm that). It just recreated all of those folders in C:\Users again.

I don’t see any place from within Scrivener to modify that once it has been installed. Is there such an ability?

Anything under C:\Users\Username is considered part of the user profile. In other words, anything Scrivener is putting there are put there as part of your user profile data. If another user logs onto your computer and starts Scrivener, they will get a copy of those folders and default contents under their user folder.

This is a feature of how modern Windows works, and Microsoft for years has been urging developers to follow these conventions for user-specific data so that 1) it’s written in the correct place for the version of Windows it’s on, allowing these files to be written using least-privilege (and not scattering personal files in among system files the way many XP and earlier programs did) and 2) so that the user profile can be easily migrated between systems as a whole. The only way I know of to change this location is to change the place your user profile is located – and that’s a very involved, complicated procedure that is pretty much not supported.

Short version: user profiles are considered system files.

Okay, thank you! :slight_smile: