Setting default format for compiling

Is there a way to set a new default format for compiling? I don’t like the automatic indents and the use of courier. Surely I don’t have to manually reset that for every project. Am I just missing something?

You have a couple of options:

  1. Click on the “Save” button inside the Compile Draft sheet. This allows you to save the current Compile Draft formatting. Then, in any project where you want to use that formatting, you just click on the “Load” button and pick the name you gave to the formatting when you saved it from a list. So, you don’t have to set it all up again.


  1. If you also have other things you want to customise about your project, you can set up a blank project with the Compile Draft options you want, default documents you want set up in the project, customised labels and status etc, and then use File > Save As Template to save the project as a template that you can select as a basis for new projects.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks. I knew that there must be an easy answer. It would still be nice to change the default fomating for compile, but not a big issue.

I never thought about creating a template. I write some regular columns. That could be a good way to set up all the standard folders and documents for those projects. Thanks.