Setting default format in iOS on iPad when in dark mode

Hi. I’m running in Dark Mode and when I set the default formatting the window that pops up is white text on a nearly white background, making it very difficult to read. It should use the dark background like the rest of the screen.
I’m on Scrivener 1.2.4 on iOS 17.1

Specifically, version 1.2.3 (3405).
I tried to add a screenshot of the issue but apparently I don’t have Trust Level 1 yet so I cannot.

Thanks! I’ve bumped your forum level up, but no need to bother with taking a screenshot. I can easily see what you are reporting and will get it filed.

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Awesome. Thank you!

Not sure if this is part of the same issue but on iPhone iOS 16.7.2 with version 1.2.4 (3405) the formatting line is white text on light background.

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Thanks, I’ll just tack that on to the other note.

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