Setting Entire Manuscript to default color after Revisions

I’ve been through the first revision of a manuscript, which now leaves lots of colored text where I edited or added text. I’d like to change all the text back to the default color (black), but have only been able to do so a single document at a time.

This seems so likely to be a widespread wish that I suspect it’s a simple menu choice, but I cannot find it either on the menus or the documentation. Would someone point me to the right place. Thank you.

Format - Revision Mode - Remove All Revisions seems to be what you are looking for.

If you weren’t aware, you can always hit F1 to pull up the latest manual (a PDF document) and search through that. Right now in RC13, the manual being pulled up is the 3.2.0 Mac manual, but it leads to section 18.6 which talks about managing revisions, and section 18.6.4 in particular for this feature.

You can also, in the Help - Search Menus feature, type in text and it will show you all menu options that match that text.

Hope this helps you in the future!

In my version ( Beta (1129554) 64-bit - 04 Dec 2020) “Remove All Revisions” is greyed out unless I have text selected in a specific section. I cannot select text in multiple sections and have it work.

What I wish to do is select all sections in the manuscript and remove either a particular revision color or all revision colors. Is that possible? 18.6.4 works for me only in a specific section. I have 414 sections in my MS and dread having to select each one to remove revision markings.

Just a note: I forgot to swap out the title page graphic, but the user manual content itself describes the Windows version. :blush:

As for the command being greyed out, I don’t see that myself, make sure the cursor is blinking in the editor when you try. It does only work in one chunk of text though, that is a general limitation in how Scrivenings mode is a stack of individual editors rather than one cohesive view.

A suggestion: just ignore them for now. I tend to not bother with clearing out revision markings until I’m working on a section and want a fresh starting point. I’ll just run the command and then start editing. Consequently I probably have hundreds of chunks of text with revision markings in them, but it doesn’t ever really bother me.