Setting Font and Font Size for Installation, not Project

I’m in the middle of a novel project and have recently purchased a mac, and plan to continue working on both mac and windows. The settings that I’ve been using for the font, font size, and zoom are not working for me on the mac (I’ve been using Calibri with a 135% zoom, and on the mac Calibri renders very bold, and I have to go to 150% zoom, which is huge). I’ve been playing around trying to find something that works on both, but frankly I’m not having a lot of luck and it’s just taking up time I’d rather spend writing. So… Is there a way that I can put settings in my mac installation of scrivener that will override the project settings for font, font size, and zoom, but will leave the project settings as is for when I’m on the windows machines?

Yes, there currently is a way of setting a specific default format for a project on the Mac, and since this feature isn’t implemented yet in the Windows version, for now it will work as you wish. Use the Project/Text Preferences... menu command on the Mac. This panel works just like the one in the main application Formatting preferences tab—the difference is that it will only impact this one project.

That said, do be aware that using two different font settings will produce uneven results, even if they end up looking similar on one machine. Cross-platform font rendering is a pain, no doubt about it. Sometimes the font declarations don’t even carry over because Windows will declare a font using one form of terminology and the Mac another, so you end up with Helvetica instead of what you wanted.

Fortunately Scrivener does have an end-game solution for this, if you can put up with a little inconsistency in the writing space. The compile system that is used to turn your project’s draft folder into a single word processor document has the power to clean up all formatting and unify it. So even if you have a wild disparity of fonts from one section to another, you can get a clean professional output in the end. That’s something you’ll definitely want to look in to if you’re working cross-platform.

Thanks, this should work for me (now I’m excited to get home and try it out on my mac). I’ve already got Compile set to use a completely different font, as making the words look completely different in my printed copy helps me find typos and other things I want to change - it’s weird, but it works.

For how long do you expect this to work (i.e. when is the Windows version going to catch up and recognize this setting)?

You should be okay for a while on that one. We don’t have that feature slated as high priority, so it might not even come out until the big Windows 2.0 update.