Setting font etc defaults


I have two issues, maybe someone could help me with…

I’m trying to set up my own font, font size, line space etc. Of course I can select a font and so on. But I want it to stay in the font I choose when I open new notes or projects. Instead, it just reverts back to the default Courier New 12pt. How can I do this?

Also, I write in Welsh quite a bit. Now I have a Welsh dictionary on Scrivener. But in Welsh there are a lot of special characters - circumflexes and so on. I can do this manually from the character map under edit; but how do I set up the keys like you can do in Word? I don’t want to go back and forth to the Edit/Character Map every time I need an â…

I’m quite new to Scrivener, and to be honest I am struggling with it, but everyone I know loves it so I am perservering.


Setting a default font for the entire project can be done by going into Tools>Options then select the Editor options on the left pane from there you should be able to change the settings you want. That being said be aware it will not change those settings for the documents and folders which are already created.
As far as custom characters go, I’m not sure if thers’ a way to do it via shortcut keys, but you could go into the corrections menu (which again can be accessed from Tools>Options), make sure the “Enable additional Substitions” box is checked then click “Edit Substitutions”. From there you can input subsititions and Scrivener will automagically change them. So for instance, say you input ‘a^’ to be replaced with ‘â’, anything you enter ‘a^’ Scrivener will replace that text with ‘â’.


Thanks so much for responding. I’ve tried those and they work - so grateful to you. I am struggling a little bit with Scrivener, though I really, really want to like it as I see the potential. So I want to thank you again. Much appreciated.


You’re welcome, I’m glad I could be of help. :smiley:

I have been using the To Bach app from Interceptor Solutions ( since it was introduced; it enables the user to create a circumflex simply by pressing the Alt Gr key at the same time as the letter concerned. Thus, in Welsh, one can instantaneously produce circumflexes on each of the seven vowels: â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ. However, within Scrivener, whichever vowel is chosen the result is always ŵ, The workaround of using the Corrections section of Scrivener for this (so that ^a then shows â) certainly works, and thanks for the suggestion. But might the incompatibility with To Bach be corrected in Scrivener for Windows 3?