Setting Font Size, Spacing and Paragraph settings as default for ALL Projects

I’ve looked over a lot of hits on this topic, but can’t exactly find what I’m looking for .

In Scrivener 3.1.2 (my current version), I simply want to set it up where my font is Arial, regular, 12pt and 1.0 spacing. I want to set the Paragraph indent to decrease first line. Right now I have to do this every time I open a new document.

Where/how can I set this? I’ve tried going into a document that already has the correct formatting and then calling up the Format an clicking “set default” but that didn’t work.

Kudos and thanks for any help here!

I think what you are looking for is:

Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Formatting.

There you can format what a default paragraph will look like – setting all the things you wanted. Changing this setting effects new docs in any project.

If you have a special project in which you want the default paragraph to be different than the above, you can set a special for-this-project-only default paragraph here:

Project > Project Settings > Formatting.

Changing that setting will effect new docs in that project.


P.S. Of course, all of these things are described in the Scrivener Manual which you might want to add to your searching practice in addition to looking for forum posts!

Note that if the project was created from a template (other than Blank), it may have pre-existing project settings. That’s the first thing to check if you’ve changed the Scrivener-wide settings but didn’t get the results you wanted.