Setting Footnote Size, font, etc

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Just wondering, if there’s a way to set the footnote size and font, permanently to something other than what is standard as it appears in the inspector. I find the font too small for my eyes. And I’m getting tired of having to change the font and size in the inspector each and every time I make a footnote. I tried looking through the forums but there is too much to go through. I also looked through the manual but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I also looked through the system preferences but couldn’t find anything. If there is no way to make a setting, then I think this should be a feature in the next iteration of your product.

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It’s in General Preferences > Formatting. Tick Use Different Footnotes font. Once you’ve set your preference there, you can reformat existing formats to the new setting by following the instructions in this post:


You can of course override this later in the Compilation > Footnotes and Comments dialogue.


Thanks so much!

Hello. I am sorry if I am being daft - these drections dont’ work with what I am seeing on my screen. I have no “general preferences”. I do have the men bar, but nothing I try to improvse works. Please help me. I must increase the size of the footnotes on the screeb; I am going blind!

General Preferences are in fact the main “Preferences” item in the Scrivener menu. (There are project specific preferences as well in the Project menu).

Note you can also right-click in the inspector pane where footnotes are held and choose to magnify them. By default they are bound to the editor zoom level, but you can choose your own zoom level at will, leaving the font size alone in case you need that for how they export.