Setting format preset with paragraph breaks


I’m wondering if there’s a way to set a format preset that will automatically create a line upon hitting return. It’s the format that works best for my ezine and it would sure help if I didn’t have to go in each time and place the line breaks.

See image for an example of what I want it to look like. It would have to be a full line break either. Just enough to delineate the different paragraphs.

Hope this makes sense and that there’s an easy way to do it.


Presets cannot type in characters on your keyboard for you, so if you need a literal empty line in between paragraphs they won’t help you out there. However there is a way to do this (just not in the formatting). You can insert space between paragraphs, using the line-spacing tool on the format bar. Select “Other…” at the bottom and you’ll find the settings there.

What you can do with that is, when you compile, visit the Transformations compile option pane and enable the “Convert to plain text” option; setting the type to “Paragraph spacing”. Just make sure the amount of space you add between paragraphs as at least greater than 50% of the normal line height. It rounds the spacing off, so if you set it to 1.25 times line height, the output will only be 1 empty line. 1.75 times line height would generate 2 empty lines, though. So for instance if your font settings are 12pt, then the paragraph spacing needs to be between 6pts and 18pts to get one space.

Thanks, AmberV,

Very helpful. Never noticed that “Other” option. Learning something new about Scrivener almost every week.