Setting full screen view

Hi - new to this. I want to set full scree page width so it always come sup how I want it (wider than default) and with the size font I prefer. Went to preferences - managed to change background colour but can’t get these other two. Help appreciated…

The ability to set default full screen dimension settings, as well as font magnification, and more, is something that will be available in the next release, so you’ve already got your wish granted on that score.

Meanwhile, at least on a per-project basis, you can set the width and zoom when you’re in full screen mode, using the footer toolbar that you get when you mouse over the bottom of the screen. Once you set that, it’ll stick for that project, even after you close and reopen.

If it’s a really big deal to have it set this way for all your new projects, you can also make yourself a template with the proper settings. Create a new project, set everything up the way you want it (in full screen and whatever else you might want to change–your own labels and colors, etc.) and then Save As Template. In the future you can use that template for your new projects and they’ll start out with your preferred full-screen settings.

Correct, if these sliders are not sticking after a session, within a single project, then something is not working right. Once you change the settings for a project they should stay that way.

Thanks – I can just set it per project. When do you think the new version will come out?
If I press control S when in full screen does it save?

The release date has not been set yet, but there will be an announcement on the board when it reaches that point.

And yes, most of the menu commands are available in full screen mode. In fact, you can move your mouse to the top of the screen, and after a moment it should pop down, giving you near full access to everything. The only stuff you cannot do are things which are irrelevant to full screen, such as switching to Corkboard view.