setting on MacOS for saving to Dropbox?

Hi and good day,

Where is the setting on MacOS for me to always save projects on Dropbox, can’t find it.

So then I don’t need to move a project file from the HD unto Dropbox.

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Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

There is no setting. You save it in your Dropbox folder when you create the project.
It’s just an ordinary folder on your HD, but created by the Dropbox app.

That last bit is the key. If you’re running the Dropbox app, then you’ll have a “Dropbox” folder that works just like any other location in Finder.


Yes I do have Dropbox on my HD,

However, what happens the day Dropbox goes away (for some reason or other), then where are our projects then?
(If not also saved on the HD).

/ okn

On your HD, lf course.
The DB app only uploads and downloads to/from the DB server so you have one copy on your HD and one on the DB server HD.

Indeed, this is why you will rarely find settings in Mac software to “enable” Dropbox or any other cloud service. Everything is compatible with these kinds of tools, from TextEdit to Photoshop to Scrivener, because all the sync tool does is keep your local drives up to date with one another. From the perspective of the third-party software, it is just loading and saving files normally, like it would anywhere else in your user folder or external drives.