Setting page numbers

I’m just trying Scrivener for the first time before i decide whether or not to buy. Sorry to be an idiot - but I can’t work out how to number pages when I compile. I’ve read the manuel, gone through the tutorial, tried all the edit options in the tool bar - still when I compile documents either in rtf or pdf there are no page numbers. My document is 300 pages long and I’ve had to print without - but now I’m in a panic because I’ve managed to get the pages in the wrong order. Help please!


Go to the “Page Settings” pane of Compile (click on “All Options” if necessary to reveal this pane), and then enter “<$p>” into the header or footer:

Bear in mind that if you compile to RTF, the header and footer will only show up in the program in which you open the RTF file supports headers and footers and can read them from RTF files. TextEdit, for instance, doesn’t support headers and footers and so won’t show them, and Pages supports them but won’t read them from RTF files so won’t show them. Word, Nisus, OpenOffice and suchlike all work fine, though, and exporting to PDF or printing should also show the page numbers.

All the best,

Thank you Keith. Much apprecia :smiley: ted.