Setting paragraph indents on 'as is' pages

Hello All.

I’m compiling a text-only paperback for publishing at CreateSpace. I have two pages of end matter which I have formatted ‘as is’.

The paragraph indents on these two pages are different i.e. deeper than those in the rest of the book. Is it possible to set these so they match them?

Thanks in advance for any help - much appreciated. :smiley:

Since the pages are being compiled As-Is, you’ll need to adjust the paragraph indent in the Scrivener document. Which you can do with the Format -> Text -> Increase/Decrease Indents menu.

You can also use the Format -> Text -> Copy/Paste Ruler commands here. Once you have a page set up the way you want it, use these commands to copy the indents and tabs to another location.


Thanks Katherine, really helpful. I got there in the end. :smiley: