Setting project font, type size, etc

For some reason Scrivener has decided to change the font, etc that is the choice when any new project or document opens.

I can change it back in individual documents each time by going to an old document and hitting cmd-alt-ctrl-c, then going to the new document, selecting all and then hitting cmd-alt-ctrl-v. But how do I set the whole program to have the font, size, percentage view, etc that I like?

(Sorry not to find this in the tutorials or manuals; I’m sure it’s in there, but after a few searches for terms that might cover it, I’ve given up.)

I’m a fool. It’s in the preferences. Cmd-, and then adjust the Formatting section and the Editor section.

That probably happened when you were resetting preferences earlier to get rid of the strange 1cm page glitch. That would reset everything to factory conditions.