Setting project-title

I am running v3.2.3 on Mac. Can someone please tell me how to set substitution tags like “$project-title”? The only references i can find refer to Project/Project MetaData, but no such option exists in the main menu system.


List of all placeholders.
Help menu. (At least that’s where it is in the Windows version.)

<$projecttitle> or <$projectname>

Also, if you want your project title to be something else than its name on disk, you have to set it the way you want it to compile, in the metadata panel of the compiler.

That’s where <$projecttitle> gets what it’ll be replaced with from.

The value for the <$projecttitle> placeholder (along with the author variations), is set in the main compile overview window, in the Metadata tab on the right hand side (look for a dog tag icon).

You’ll find this area illustrated and documented in the user manual PDF, under §23.4.2, Metadata Tab.