Setting Project-wide Formatting

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Pop this one up under the Silly Questions section please… :blush:

I’ve searched through the manual, and had a close look under the Project & Format menus, but I’m missing something obvious. The frustrating part is that I clearly knew how to do it in my previous project, since that Chapter’s formatting is working as it should, but I’m stumped as to how to set up the new Project/Chapter in a similar manner.

I want to have my entire Draft/Project with specific Paragraph spacing before and after. I can set it for each section, but to do this manually is obviously very tedious, and something I will forget to do, each time I add a new section.

Where do I set it up across the Project? If I select on a folder, or the Draft ‘group’, the Text formatting section is greyed out. I cannot see where I would adjust the spacing in the Compile section, and the Project Formatting Preferences doesn’t appear to allow me to set paragraph spacing either?

What am I missing? Please put me out of my misery, so that I can apply the necessary Face-Palm! :unamused:


If you want to set it for all projects, you do this via the “Formatting” pane in the Preferences. If you want different formatting for just one project, go to “Text Preferences…” in the Project menu. This sets the formatting for any new documents you type in.

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Many thanks Keith – I figured as much, but I’m still stumped. Where in that Project>>Text Preferences menu, are you able to set the paragraph spacing? I cannot work out what needs to be triggered, to call up that as an option?

Hi Cassady,

When you choose “Text Preferences…”, you should see a “Project Formatting Preferences” sheet appear. In there, tick “Use different default formatting…”, and then use the ruler and formatting controls in the “Main Text Style” text box area (the one with the quote in it) to set the default font, paragraph formatting and so on for the project.

Hope that helps!
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Keith! :smiley:

I found it, but only because you made me work through each dropdown. 8)
What I missed was the rather innocuous(?) “Other…” at the bottom of the font spacing dropdown. I never opened it, since I didn’t think the paragraph sizing would be found there. Live and learn.

It might just be me that’s challenged in this regard, and (again) this might be perceived as as obvious to everyone else – but I reason that to be rather hidden away, and if it is mentioned in the manual, then I missed it.

Regardless, found it now – so all good. Thanks again!
Scrivener Para Controls.png

That’s the “Mac standard” location for accessing extra paragraph spacing tools, you’ll find the same thing in TextEdit, DEVONthink, Scrivener, etc. It is a bit out of the way though, no debate there. For that reason, there is also a menu command that accesses the same palette: Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing….

A neat trick, for future reference, that works in any Mac program is to use the Help menu search field to hunt for menu commands. If you type in “paragraph spacing” the command will pop right up in the results list. :slight_smile:

Thanks AmberV – then it most likely is obvious to all the others! :laughing:
I learnt something new today.

I found the Format menu command, and it was the same one that popped up when I typed “paragraph spacing” into the Help Menu (that trick I do know!) – but as mentioned, it did not yield the Project-menu option, which is the one I needed.

That all being said – I won’t battle to remember where it is going forward now, and maybe this thread will help someone else someday, so all good!