Setting ruler margins globally?

Hi! I’ve copied and pasted 29 chapters of a novel from Word into Scrivener and divided it up into individual loose files… one for each chapter – I’m avoiding using folders because it’s a fairly straightforward novel and I find a lot of the global changes I make for formatting are easier without those folders.

So, one “scene file” for each chapter.

However, the chapters all have ruler/margin settings where I don’t want them.

Is there a way to globally change the left and right margin settings, as well as that first-line indent, for all 29 scenes/chapters, without having to manually move the slider or reset these things in each one individually?

This article may help. This kind of stuff is usually pretty easy to do. Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for this. The Scrivenings thing worked only partway. Everything goes into a window that looks like one long file, with a dividing line between chapters, but:

– There’s a lot of weirdly formatted text within those lines, and

– If I try to Select All in order to then change the margins, it seems to only select whatever section I’m in and not all the Scrivenings/chapters. So only that one section changes margins. I looked in the Scrivener Windows Manual and read about Scrivenings but didn’t see anything about how to make a global margin change. The copy/paste ruler option doesn’t seem to work globally across all chapters, either.

I’m unsure if these two problems are related. But if this helps with the first issue, here is a screenshot of the weirdly formatted text between chapters in the Scrivenings:

It’s not possible on Windows currently to select across documents in a Scrivenings session, so that’s not going to be a solution for your formatting issue. The bug with the text appearing different sizes is unrelated, a display bug that can happen in lengthy Scrivenings sessions or high zooms.

To adjust the indentation and so forth over all your documents, you’ll want to follow the steps for using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style in the article linked above.

To clarify one aspect, what you want to do is select the actual documents you wish to convert. This command is selective so you don’t accidentally blow away formatting in the research folder you didn’t intend to. Instead of picking a folder, as in the screenshot (you had “Draft” picked), all 29 files themselves need to be selected together. Click on the first chapter file, then hold down Shift and click on the last.

Now run the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command. Leave the selection in the sidebar, don’t click into the editor, this command uses a document selection, rather than working in the editor like a ruler drag.

As for that screenshot, I’ll ask someone who might know better off-hand (…and she’s already here anyway! Thanks :slight_smile: ).

Stop that mind-summoning Jedi trick!

Thanks, Amber. That worked, sort of. It narrowed the margins because apparently the default was set that way. But I’m unsure how to change that default.

I was in the Options / Editor dialog box, and the only thing that looked pertinent was “Editor Margins,” which has always been set to 20 points. I’m a typesetter by trade, so I’m unsure what this 20 points mean. The Ruler units are set to inches, but I see nowhere to simply set a left and right margin. The ruler that shows up in that dialog box doesn’t seem to actually go any farther than the 7-inch mark, the farthest point in that little inner sample editor window.

Does that “7” merely represent a theoretical “farthest point to the right” rather than an actual 7-inch point? If so, then I get it and all is well.

If there is some other way to manage that default margin setting, let me know. For now, though, I’ll assume that 7-inch mark in the editor sub-dialog simply means “all the way to the right.” :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s exactly what it means. If it has been dragged all the way to the right (it will kind of snap back when you let go), then it’s “off”. Text formatted that way should flow with the window width.

So in short, it sounds like you’re all right with the settings.

Now the Editor Margin feature by the way is strictly visual. Just set it to taste, it doesn’t impact the formatting of the text at all. The points are just the digital standard PostScript 72 PPI measurement, same unit for measuring fonts.

Yup, I had already read that these sorts of things don’t affect actual manuscript formatting. I’m just a bit fickle about how I like to see my work on the screen on any given day/mood. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU so much, everyone, for the quick replies. I’m only scratching the surface with what this program can do, and every time I find a new thing it can do, I’m thrilled. I don’t think I’ve wondered if it could do something and been disappointed yet.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: