Setting Scrivener to work with Foxit 6

I don’t want to sound harsh, but Scrivener’s pdf reader can’t compete with Foxit’s free alternative. I really like the tabbed browsing and the saved notes etc… are really handy. You just can’t beat the price.

Can I disable the Scrivener PDF viewer?

I use Acrobat on my machine with the adobe products but I’d love to use Foxit inside of Scrivener. Is it possible to integrate the two.

If I can’t open a Foxit window inside of the environment can I set up Scrivener to use an alternate PDF reader than the windows default?

I have seen your YouTube, where you talk about Acrobat and FIle Associations on Apple Systems. Is there a way to modify Scrivener default program handlers on Windows?

Scrivener and Foxit are both quality products but not the giants in their areas. You two might be very logical partners to work together and cross promote.


Foxit seems to be Windows only …?

What is the `giant’ in Scrivener’s area? I tend to think of its unique feature-set as sui generis.

The only option that comes to mind is that you can right click on the PDF in the binder and do Open > Open in External Editor. That will launch whatever app Windows associates with .PDF file type, external to/outside of Scrivener. Change the app that Windows associates with .PDF to Foxit and you’ll at least have access to launching it from within Scrivener, but I don’t think there’s any way to integrate it so that it appears within the window/pane within Scrivener. I could be wrong.

On the Mac Scrivener side, I have no problem viewing PDF files.
For an excellent web-browser view of PDFs, try Chrome.
For editing or annotating PDFs, see Skim.
Chrome and Skim are both free.

Unix has a very workable philosophy of combining many programs that each do what they do very well.

If there is a possibility of adapting a free program to fulfil a function in Scriv, I suggest that exposing the logic to take advantage of that program is the best strategy.

just my .02


Just FYI, if looking for an alternate pdf reader on Windows, there is also PDF-XChange Editor. There is a free version… though it can be hard to find it on their very cluttered site.

It lets you mark up pdfs in various ways, and also create and edit bookmarks, for pdfs that do not prevent such via security settings.

It’s also got a nice search system, which is what I was looking for when I found it. I used to use Foxit but they became way too intrusive, and their search wasn’t too great.

I’m not a fan of the pdf format but it seems to be a necessary and inescapable nuisance. When I have a PDF that I’d like to be able to mark up and really engage with as a text, I OCR it, then send it into Word. As a matter of fact, I recently did that with the pdf documentation for a certain software that I’m sure everyone reading this is familiar with. :wink:

Thanks. Ill give them a look.