Setting Session Targets - Confused.

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if some kind soul could help me. While I use Scrivener every day, I’m not very computer literate and I get easily confused with the many options available.

I’d like to set up a session target where it counts the words for a new document and then notifies me via growl when I’ve reached that goal. In addition, I need it to be able to know when that day is ended and automatically reset the 1000 word target for the next day.

I appreciate that there is an excellent manual available but there are so many options, I just don’t know what to choose. Also, in Growl, in the Scrivener section, what should the drop-down menu say to achieve this?

Thanks everyone.


You do all of this via Scrivener itself rather than Growl (but in Growl it’s the “Session Target Achieved” option). In Scrivener, you need Project > Project Targets, where you can set a session target. Be sure to click on “Options…”, too, which gives you control over when the targets get reset.

All the best,

Thank you, Keith. :smiley:

Any ideas why the option “Show target notifications using Growl” is grayed out and I can’t select it? I could in the previous version of Scrivener.

Under Project Targets > Options, I’ve selected a date deadline, count docs in compile only, count text written anywhere, allow negatives (although I don’t know that that means, it’s a default), and reset count at midnight.

Growl is grayed out…it isn’t an option…