Setting Spacing between Paragraphs

Is there a way to set the default text format so that paragraphs are separated by a space? I can set it manually via Format>Text>Spacing, but I would like for it to be the default for every section & future projects. Is this possible? Will it be possible? I get confused without the little indicators.

Yes, all default formatting settings can be made in the Tools/Options... menu item. Click on the “Editor” tab, and you’ll find a mock editor where you can use the format bar and ruler to adjust everything about the default text. For paragraph spacing, use the line-spacing drop-down menu to select More.... What you set up here will do exactly what you want. All future items (and by implication, projects) will use these settings. Any existing documents will of course need to be reformatted—but this can be easily done with the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command, which syncs any selected document(s) back to your application options.

Thank you. That’s so intuitive that I missed it entirely, looking instead for some word/openoffice style dialog. It must be a Mac thing…