Setting tabs for script formats

Writing normal plays with the script settings is great. However, I seem to be coming unstuck when it comes to verse drama, where I need to tab in several stops from the margin if one character picks up the second half of a line. e.g.

BOB I have the first part of the line.

JIM And I’ve
the rest as well as all of this one here.[/code]

(Not great pentameters I know, and the first line kicks off with a trochee rather than an iamb - but that often works better in English and it beats starting lines with ‘Oh’ or ‘And’.)

What I can’t seem to do (and there is, of course, the possibility that it’s in here but I’m too dim to find it) is to add tab settings to the styles, particularly the character and dialogue style.

I have tried setting tabs in one line then copying and pasting the ruler, but that sets the formatting to General text.

That’s my wish.


You have complete control over the first line indent and the rest of the indents in Script Settings, so you could set up two separate Character & Dialogue elements, one with the standard tab indent and the other with the bigger indent. If you require a variable number of tabs (i.e. if the line has to start in a different place depending on where the previous line ended), though, this won’t work.

There is no way around this, I’m afraid. Scrivener need to assign tabs in an arbitrary fashion for script elements to prevent elements that may otherwise be identical from clashing.


Thanks Keith,

I think I understand the reason behind the restriction. However, you have given me an idea for tackling the problem. I can probably get away with only two or three extra styles to cover the occasional gaps I need.

Best wishes