setting the document target in screenplay-mode?

I’m using the screenplay-mode and want to keep track of the length of the scenes I’m writing. But in screenplay-mode there is no wordcount in the bottom toolbar (or anywhere else, as far as I can tell). There is no icon (concentric circles) to “set the document word of character count target” either.

It seems that the outliner is the only place where I can see and set the target for the single documents. Having the target plus the progress bar in the outliner is very nice and would do - but it makes one wish there was an easy way to set the target via default value… :wink:

My questions are:

  1. How can I display the wordcount in screenplay-mode?
  2. Is there a way to set the document target via default?

These tools have never been a part of Scrivener’s scriptwriting mode, because none of the script formats we are aware of use words or characters as a measurement for anything, so having them there would be an unnecessary distraction. That is unlikely to change.

Do however be aware it is safe (and easy) to toggle script mode on and off in a document. That doesn’t change the underlying document one bit, only how you interface with it, such as what happens when you type, or what tools you have available in the footer bar. Just hit Cmd-8, set your goal, and then Cmd-8 again to continue writing—same goes for quickly checking your word count.

Again though, page counts are going to be more important to most scriptwriters, and you will see that when using Page View, you do get that information right up front.

Thanks for the shortcut - that’s handy!