Setting the format for NO STYLE formatted text

I want Scrivener to t begin every new document with a default text font and size. By default all text begins wit NO STYLE.

I have tried to adjust the format in Preferences>Editing but there is no way to change the main text font from within that window.

How can I force NO STYLE text to have a specific format?

In Preferences -> Editing -> Main Editor, click in the sample text and the on the A above to change font (if I remember correctly, not sitting at my Mac)

After the steps Lunk outlined (which changes the default for future documents,) place your cursor inside the doc(s) you want to change and use Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting…

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the guidance.

The Preferences>Editing window does NOT provide the opportunity to select the font.

It is possible to change the font by

(1) moving to a document;
(2) selecting some text;
(3) changing that text to have the desired characteristics (in this case, a particular font);
(4) clicking on[/list] “Use Formatting in Current Editor”

Interestingly, some characteristics can be selected directly (e.g. the B for bold button). The UI is inconsistent.

It does on my system, I just checked.

What happens if you click the ‘Aa’ icon at the left end of the formatting bar? On my system, it brings up the standard Mac OS fonts pane. (Note, however, that the pane might be tucked away at the edge of your screen.)


Yes, fonts can be changed from the Preferences:Editor:Formatting panel without using “Use formatting in current editor”:

Hope this helps!

Thanks… I think that the popup window with fonts was not visible for some reason. It does work as you say!