Setting the name for a figure (MMD-Latex)

When inserting a picture in a document, form example muPicture.png, Scrivener generates the following type of link for MMD:


This generates LxTex documents where the caption for the picture is the file name. The same name is then entered in the “List of figures” page.

Is there a way of assigning our own caption for the figures without manually entering the MMD link? Ideally I’d like to get this bit of visual aid and still be able to set my own caption.

Thanks in advance.

Right now for best use with MMD3, you need to supply your own image code rather than relying upon Scrivener to generate it, as it uses the MMD2 method. Either that, or disable your MMD3 support folder so that Scrivener uses its built-in MMD2 methods. Note that if you Scrivener link the name of the graphic to the image in the binder, it will automatically put a copy in the compile folder like it does with inline images.

That bit aside, the way to add a caption to a graphic in Scrivener is to put the caption in double-quotes (non-typographic) after the image, on the same line. It should be {IMAGE} + {SPACE} + " + Your Caption + ". But to reiterate this won’t work with MMD3. It uses the old Alt/ID method.

Thank you.
Any idea when support for MMD3 will be integrated in Scrivener?


We’re shooting for mid-Spring, so probably the point release after the next one assuming no hotfixes, but it could be combined with the Mountain Goat release if that gets to be all consuming.

That sounds good. Thank you very much.