Setting the start point for a Mobi

Greetings, just used Scrivener to create my first E-book and am madly in love with it. I’m searching around for one tidbit of information concerning getting my Kindle file to open at the Table of Contents, which I’ve yet to be able to do. After some trial and error, I’ve managed to get the file to open consistently at the start of my first story, but given my druthers I’d rather have it go

Title Page
Table of Contents

and so forth.

I’ve already seen one post on this board from a user who was similarly unable to get the TOC be anywhere but the front of the book, which I could deal with if only I could get the TOC to be the first thing the reader sees.

(Oddly enough, one version of my trial and error produced a consistent version which opened the book in the middle of the TOC, which made no sense at all to me - I eventually scrapped this, as it made my book look as if it only had 8 stories instead of 19.

Any suggestions, oh Lit and Latte lovers?


One thing to be aware of is Amazon’s end-user software, such as the iOS applet or Kindle reader for Mac, is going to be saving your last-page-viewed and all that, making them confusing platforms to work with for testing. So if you aren’t already doing so, make sure you’re using Kindle Previewer for format and structure proofing. That could be what was happening with the test book that kept opening in the middle of the ToC.

All right, load the “Placeholder Tags List” cheat sheet from the Help menu and scroll to the very bottom. You’ll find a couple of codes you can insert into your project to control the starting position as well as where the dynamically generated ToC appears. Their usage is document there, but let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the advice, Amber - going to go back into the file and try it now. Let me know if I can send you a copy of my book, “How Not To Avoid Jet Lag & other tales of travel madness”

  • apparently it’s next month’s featured read at Portland Travel Massive’s book club.

JSB, also of PDX