Setting Up Indents

I transferred a MS word novel to Scrivener and divided it by chapter and I want to set up the indents so that the first line of each chapter is not indented. A first line no-indent. I looked in the Scrivener manual and it isn’t clear exactly how to do it. I checked for any video tutorials and didn’t see one for this. Perhaps I was not looking in the right place.

However, I want each paragraph in the chapters after that first line to be indented. Is there a way to set that up without doing it manually throughout the entire novel? The ruler is showing but it is a bit confusing how to use it.

I tried doing a preset but that didn’t work even though I highlighted the text, gave the style a name and clicked okay then went into a section, highlighted it and clicked on the name of the preset but nothing changed.

I also went into “Tools” then “Options” then “Editor” but it says it only applies to new documents. I am assuming that means it does not apply to the document I just transferred from Word?

Thank you!

I came here looking for the exact same information. I hope someone knows the answer! :confused:

Dart Humeston

Actually, I might have found the answer. With the ruler on and showing across the top of the text, there are three little things that you can slide left or right. One is the left margin, one the right margin and one is the indent.
It fixed my problem, I hope it can fix yours too.

Dart Humeston