Setting up initial format

Greetings Friends.

I’m not at all familiar with any of this, just recruited to help. I’ll try to give the jist of the goals clearly and succinctly:

  • The book layout depends on certain text/words/images appearing on specific pages together in all publishing forms.
  • The layout is to be based on a certain size/dimension ratio.
  • The authors/designers/editors hope to accurately construct the text/image/layout content as it will appear in publication.

I greatly appreciate any help.

Welcome to the Forum. Perhaps the first step is to go through the Tutorial that is included with the App…

Scrivener is fundamentally about text creation, not layout. Since it is the layout that is at issue in your post, that’s not something that should be done in Scrivener. For that you need an app whose purpose is page layout, i.e. Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Quark Express…

You also say “in all publishing forms”, so which you choose must be able to output all those … if that includes ePub, it removes at least Affinity Publisher from the list.

You can create the text in any editor including Scrivener and import it into your Page Layout app; you could even do it in those apps, though they’re not really designed for creating text.

Hope that helps, :smile:



That helps, Thank You, Mark*!*