Setting up Mac to sync to iOS

I’ve read the Mac manual (the syncing part) and read some blogs and other postings, plus some forum posts. I’m still not clear what to do. (It seems to be written for someone who’s getting both the iOS and Mac software at the same time.)

I have existing Mac Scrivener projects. I only want to make 1 and possibly 2 others available on my iPad. I’ve bought the iPad software, but done nothing yet.

I have Dropbox on both my Mac and iPad (and have had that for some time).

I do not store my Scrivener files in any standard place. I use specific folders on my Mac.

The Mac manual talks about how to set the iOS settings for sync. That seems fairly straight forward. But it seems to imply that the Mac Scrivener will automatically go to the Dropbox location that the iOS setup will create - which seems weird. Especially since I tweaked my locations (where the scrivener files are stored) over a year or 2 ago (and definitely don’t have them go into Dropbox).

I read a blog, but it had several different settings on both the Backup and the Import/Export settings on Mac that it said to change - without a clear reason why (and nothing about how to make the files go into Dropbox from where they are). And a different blog said to move my Scrivener files to the Dropbox folder, and while I guess I could do that, how would the Scrivener software know I’d done that?

I suspect there is a really simple answer. If someone knows, that would be great.

The simple answer:
In Finder, create a sub-folder in your Dropbox folder.
Either Drag-and-drop the projects you want to work with on both Mac and iOS to that sub-folder, OR…
on hour Mac - Save as - to your sub-folder.

On your iDevice, click on Edit at the top, gear wheel at rhe bottom, choose Dropbox setuö and choose Othef location and navigate to your new sub-folder.


Yes, as lund says.

I only keep my ‘active’ Scrivener projects on Dropbox. So I have an ‘Active Projects’ folder on there and drag the relevant files to that. I then pointed my iOS version to point to this folder. It works well, without any problems.