Setting up my document / preferences

I’m using the Novel Format but having trouble setting my Scriv manuscript file up the way I’d like it. I can’t seem to search for anything on this topic, although I’m sure it’s covered somewhere.

I like to use Times (not Courier) as my default font. I’d also like to start typing (or importing type from other Word documents) a few inches down under the centered “CHAPTER”. But I obviously want that body copy to be flush left with the usual paragraph indents - not centered like “CHAPTER”.

I generally type all my chapters as ‘folders’ as opposed to creating a bunch of ‘files’ under a single chapter ‘folder’. I’ve been just hand-adjusting everything after I compile my manuscript into a finalized Word document but I’m sure there’s an easier way of doing it. Any simple (I’m technically-challenged) instructions for these basics?

You don’t necessarily need to use the Novel template at all - that’s just one way of doing it. You can set up your preferred font for typing via the Text Editing pane in the Preferences. If you just like typing whole chapters rather than splitting them up into bits, I wouldn’t use folders at all, but just a single text document for each chapter. (Note that you can use Documents > Convert > Folder to File to convert folders to text documents.)

If you like typing using the same font you export/print with, turn off “Override Formatting” in the Formatting pane of Compile Draft. You can just use regular formatting (the alignment buttons etc) then for sorting out chapter titles etc.

Hope that helps.