Setting Up Syncs/Backups for New Scrivener License

Hey, all!

After years of trying out Scrivener on different machines and using the iOS version, I’ve finally bought a full license for Windows, and I have a few setup questions. (Sorry if this gets long, but I so appreciate the help!)

  1. Previously, I’d sync using my general Dropbox account, but to eliminate clutter, I’ve created a dedicated writing Dropbox, which I plan on using exclusively for writerly things from here on out. I’m not super Dropbox-savvy though, so my question here would be, is there an “easy” way to get my older Scrivener projects out of my original DB and into the new? I’m not too keen on simply sharing from the old to the new, since it seems like the “rights” to the files would still belong to the old account, and I’d be afraid to delete them from it in case that affected their status in the new account. Is my only hope to download each file and toss it into the new DB folder, or is there an easier way?

  2. I read somewhere here in the forum about a “reverse” method of syncing/backing up that’s supposed to be less risky than the sync-your-active-projects-to-Dropbox method. Instead, you’d send your backups to DB and keep the active file on your local disk. This sounds super interesting to me, but I wonder, is this even an option if I want to be able to sync to iOS as well? Seems like the app wouldn’t be able to read a .zip file, meaning this method is out of the question for Win + iOS users.

  3. Another someone here (I think under the same post) mentioned using Google Drive as their backup location, since a .zip is just one file that needs to be kept, rather than the bundle that’s contained in an active .scriv file. I live in a country where the power can go out at a moment’s notice, making me extra paranoid about working on projects on my desktop and having to save them every two seconds, just for peace of mind. Is there a way to set up my save/backup system that could potentially combat this danger? Regarding Google Drive, is there a way to set up a “double backup,” where it would send a .zip (or whatever file) to more than one location? (Might just be wishful thinking here…)

And finally,

  1. (I promise this is the last one!) I plan on purchasing Scapple as well. Is there a way to back up those files too, or autosave, or what have you? I’m less familiar with Scapple, so don’t know the ins and outs yet.

Thank you so much for reading this far and for any advice/tips you can provide!