Setting Up Template with Note Paragraph Settings

I’m trying to have my cards have notes that are set up a certain way in terms of indentation and spacing because the default, with all lines adjusted left, makes it hard to quickly determine one paragraph from the next or when it’s simply a line wrap.

I tried setting up a template text document where I made the settings I want in the note area, but whenever I create a new card from that template, Scrivener keeps resetting it back to the default everything left.

Is what I’m trying to do not possible?

Or is there some place in the preferences where I can set up the default for the notes area? From what I can tell, there’s not.


UPDATE: Okay, found if I leave some text in the note area in the template, it maintains the formatting. If I remove the text, when I create a new file from the template, the ruler shows the correct formatting, but as soon as I click in the note area, it resets to the default. So I guess having a bit of text (maybe just a space or a period or a return?) is less work than having to open another file to copy/paste formatting.