Setting up the writing area

So, I read here and being as wet behind the ears as I am with this program, I figured I would get as specific as possible. In Excel, I set up any spread sheets in page view. That allows me to “hide” the infinite view of the spreadsheet, which distracts me a great deal. If I do not, I feel visually overwhelmed and find it extremely difficult to focus. In Scrivener, I am find the same “huge pile of words without formatting” making me feel similar. I know this is in my head, but I have never been able to escape it. How can I set up the writing area of Scrivener (I don’t care what formatting it goofs up, I am used to correcting it to shut my brain up about messiness) to appear like I want it? If you need a visual reference of what I strongly prefer, Kindle Create is exactly the look I prefer I look at. Thanks guys.

I hope this is changeable. Apologies if it’s been covered. I tried searching but wasn’t exactly sure what term to search for.

I’m only posting because no one else has answered so far. I didn’t go so far as to look at Kindle Create.

If you just want not to see the Binder on the left and Inspector on the right, you can do that under the View menu. That leaves you with the menus and button bars at the top.

If you want a really stripped down view of your text, you probably want Scriv’s Composition mode. I’m using the beta 3 version and you get it with F11 or it’s under the View menu.

The default gives you black background with white text, which I can’t stand, but you can configure that in your program Options. Once you’ve done that, you can use the controls at the bottom of the Composition mode screen to fade the background completely, set the percent at which you see the text, etc.

Hope that helps.