Setting window display default to FIT WIDTH??

Hi all,

Is there a way to tell Scrivener that I would like to default to the “FIT WIDTH” parameter when displaying new pages?

When I bring up any of the reference material I have saved into my project it defaults to “FIT HEIGHT,” which makes it way too small to read since we’re talking 8.5"x11" pages.

There’s not currently a way to do this. The setting should be remembered for the PDF after you’ve adjusted it, but as it is presently remembered per PDF (so that differently sized PDFs can be viewed at their own preferred setting), you have to adjust the zoom once for each.

We’ll likely be changing this slightly in the future, so the setting is remembered per editor split rather than per document, but if it remains as it a preference for the default view is definitely a good idea.

Count another vote for allowing an option to set a default for all PDFs.