Setting Word Count Goals

I know that you used to be able to set word count goals in scrivener but I haven’t been able to find it in the last few versions. I can see my word count, but I can’t set a goal to track. Was this feature removed? Why?

You might search the forum for “word count goals” and find ample discussion of why the feature has been set-aside.

But[1] I[2] would[3] think[I] that[II] it[III.a] should[III.a.b] be[ichi] clear[ni] that[san] a[shi] major[un] reason[deux] is[quatorze] that[eins] it[zwei] doesn’t[uno] fit-in[dos-tres] with[uh-quattro?] Scrivener’s[er, um] central[etc.] purpose.

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Yes, a “goal” mechanism was never developed because other things were more pressing, and the implementation is more complicated than you might realise. It is not at all like Mellel or some other word processor, where the entire book is in one document. It could be scattered over hundreds of documents; and there are ancillary documents attached to those documents (in the form of notes), and other documents which are part of the project but not part of the book (that may not even be written by you), and other documents which are in the section considered part of the book, but set to not export – how are these all to be counted? Some people use notes to write rough, rough draft material before sticking it in – that should be counted then according to these “goal programs” or whatever, right? But a quick note to yourself to feed the cat when you are done with the document should not. You should not have to keep in mind where the program is counting, and restrict your natural usage of Scrivener to fit that.

Meanwhile, there is simple math and the project statistics panel (Cmd-Opt-Shift-S).

Also, might I suggest, for those who require a more fully automated approach, a hitherto unannounced feature Kieth will be adding to 102:
the Scrivener toilet alarm. This indispensable feature automatically alerts you when you need to evacuate.

Users can either respond to the alert, or set a “remind me again in…” dialog.


Or if you really wanna take automation to the nth degree,
here’s the latest in autofeatures (for the right person)

I believe I can get it for you wholesale…


It was developed because it WAS in Scrivener at one point and it worked fine the way it was implemented. I just wanted to know why it was thrown out, but apparently the forums are not the place to ask.

True, it was in Scrivener Gold, but it was rife with synchronisation errors because it stored the word count as a piece of data independent from the actual file. So when I say it was never developed, I meant for the current Scrivener application, which is a different code-base than Gold.

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I believe AmberV was trying to answer your question politely - she knows almost as much as me about the development history of Scrivener, and I have never once seen her reply to anybody rudely. :slight_smile: dafu was also trying to help, if in a somewhat odd way. And as for tim, I think he must just have got carried away by the forum’s newly added ability to upload images…

dafu was referring to this thread: … =5073#5073

As you can see, there has been a whole 4 page discussion on this. :slight_smile: You are not alone in wanting this feature, but I dropped it from 1.0 because I was never happy with the way it worked in Scrivener Gold. You may not have noticed it, but I knew that it was very buggy. This is what AmberV meant by it not getting implemented - it was indeed never implemented for 1.0. I may well look at re-implementing it in the future (1.5-2.0ish), but for now it, along with multiple windows, got sacrificed in favour of cooler features such as Edit Scrivenings, improved corkboard and outlining and so on and so forth.

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Sure it is Anysia. There was a long and robust discussion in the following thread: … .php?t=759

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