Settings For App, Not Per Project

Hi, new Scrivener user here after NanoWriMo 2022. Loving it.

Is there a way to set preferences for the app and not by the project? Specifically, I like to write in Courier and have my project targets at 10,000 (Draft Target) and 1,000 (Session Target). I also like to have Smart Dashes and Ellipses unchecked.

Every time I create a new project, I have to set them. Is there a way to set them as default for the app? Not a huge deal, but just want to make sure I’m not overlooking an easy setting.

Thank you!

Check out §5.4, Project Templates!

Everything (with a few minor exceptions you’ll rarely run into or want, like the book title) about a project can be stored and saved into a template that gets used whenever you create a new one from it.

Default font formatting though, that’s generally a global setting.

Or you can tweak your app-wide default paragraph format at:
Scrivener > Settings > Editing > Formatting

Set everything the way you like it, make a copy, delete all the writing/research from the copy, save it as a template, then when you make a new project, create it from the template.

For existing projects, save preferences from the optimized project and import them in others.

Thank you all! I figured I was missing something. Still working my way through all the settings… quite a lot of them.

There is a lot! If you don’t want to bog yourself down with them, I suggest looking things up in the manual now and then if you have a feeling you’d like it to work different. I tried to put a little “see also” type block below most of the main things that goes into what can be changed about it. They pretty much all point to the appendices on preferences and project settings though—so if you do want to go crazy with them, that’s where they are all described in bulk.

Project templates are huge though. I hardly ever start a project from one of the defaults, and when I do, I don’t, it is usually a copy of “Blank” that I’ve heavily modified with my own labels, some view settings (like showing titles in Scrivenings mode) and such.

I would take a solid look at the manual, as there’s a lot of good content in it to show you how to customize things exactly to your liking. I would also Google “Scrivener Templates”. There are millions of them out that, and I have zero doubt that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
Lastly, I want to point you over to YouTube. There are so many Scrivener content creators on there that give so much good content that you’re likely to get lost in it all.

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Thank you all! I made a template based on my needs and it’s working like a charm. Really appreciate the community and support groups.

Now I just have to do the writing… :laughing: