Settings for Foot/Endnote Numbering

Hi all,
when I compile my project for MS Word (.doc or .docx), all the note numbers turn our really small, 5 pt. Does anyone know how/if I can set the note number size?

Next, in MS Word, I can double-click on the note number in the text and jump to that note. However, the compiled Scrivener file to MS Word does not offer this feature. (This is not very necessary in the end, but…as my project is reaching 300+ pages…) Can I turn this feature on/off in some way?

Many thanks for your help.

You need to be using RTF right now for proper footnotes/endnotes (clickable). What you are looking at in the .doc/x output is faked. It’s just styled text. Historically (and currently in stable), creating good quality .doc/x files has been problematic because we’ve been using Apple’s basic and free conversion tools. They are a bit buggy, and have only the basic features available to them. In the current beta version of the software, and in the future, we’ll be using better converters that can create good quality .doc/x and .odt files. If you’d like to try that out, you’ll find the install instructions and download link here:

That aside you’ll find all options for footnotes in the Footnotes/Comments compile option pane. You’ll see more options once RTF is chosen as the compile format.

Thanks, AmberV!
I see how it works now. But still, I cannot find where to set the size of the note numbers. Any tips on this?

There isn’t a direct option for that, but you could try “Use Period and space instead of superscript in markers”. That will make the numbers at the bottom of the page the same size as the note text.