Settings option to link Fixed Width and Page View background settings

Would be helpful if there was a setting that would force the same background in Fixed Width and Page View modes (in the main editor).

I prefer the the only difference when I toggle between these two views to be the appearance of the text as flowed into pages (or not).

Also, and perhaps I don’t know how to set this up, I’d like to be able to flow Scivenings (binder docs) into the pages view. So that the text would flow into pages, but the binder docs being “Scrivened” would be separated by the separator (corners, dashed line, divider, bookish) the user has indicated in Settings (I don’t want to see extra white space in where docs length does not match page height).

PS: Is there a way to define one’s own Scrivenings separator? I would like a divider line that was thinner and or with a lower opacity setting.

@PS: the four options in Scrivenings Appearance are the only possible dividers between Scrivenings.

That is what I posted.

So, you can’t define your own…:wink: