Several Documents at once...?

I have several versions of a story I’ve worked on (rewrites, revision, outlines, etc…) and I’d like to open all of them at once next to my current version so that I may refer to and copy and paste from them. Is it possible to open up several stories at once (I guess they can be considered notes and research) but want to be able to refer to them all at once, etc… at least 3-4 windows if possible (pasted from a Word doc…)

Many thanks!


You can view two documents in a project side by side using the split editor. Toggle the split with the square icons in the right of the editor header or via the menu options in View > Layout.

If you mean multiple projects, use File > Open Existing Project… to navigate to and open whichever projects you want and arrange the windows however you like on the screen. You can drag and drop between binders to copy documents from one project to another.

Yes… I’ve used the split screen, but that limits me to only two documents… I came up with just copy and pasting my old scripts into the synopsis bar and as well as the document and project notes, but I have to cut them up individually, but that’s okay.

I’ve discovered a small problem, as I’ve placed an image in the documents and project notes, but it only scrolls vertically and not horizontally to see full image. I could place the image in the Research Binder (or any I see in Binder) but that still limits my split screen to two docs… (aside from the proj and doc notes)

In that case, maybe export some documents and open them in a separate program window that you can arrange side by side with your Scrivener project? If you’re just comparing texts/images and copying and pasting between them, it seems you wouldn’t need any additional features in Scrivener for this particular purpose.

We will be adding a way to view more documents at a time in the next major version, but for now we’re limited to the split editor with two documents. You could of course use Scrivening mode to view multiple documents in the editor, but they’d be stacked, not side by side as I gather you want.

You’ve been very helpful… I have been discovering there are so many more better options in what I desired to do with all the dozens of way to set up my notes and research that it makes my head spin with happiness! This, beyond any software I’ve had tops them all. I am quite shocked at the extremely inexpensive cost of the program as well. I am a screenwriter, and in place of papers and outlines scattered across my desk, books, notes taped to my screen and my storyboard images tacked to my wall (which incidentally I have added in my Research Binder and man, how awesome is that!), this software takes the place of those screenwriting programs, story-engine programs, and word doc software and combines them all in one unbelievable program. My hats off to you and as well to K.M. Weiland and her blog for bringing this software to my attention. I’ve been hindered since then and I’m writing better than ever, out of the box so to speak and have only had the program for but a few days!!

Just a suggestion, but if all your edits/revisions are in word for the same text, you can merge them using the compare feature on Word’s tool bar. This pdf gives a decent instruction set for the process: but you can find others on the web.
This is a bit of a process as you must add in one document at a time, but, in the end, you have all your suggested revisions in one document, which you could then import and see side by side. I just figured this out myself and it works beautifully! Good luck.